Biographical notes

Computers have been a part of my life for overfifty years, and I consider the computer to be an extension of myself. I can make a computer do anything I want it to. Without the availability of a computer I would lose an intellectual stimulus that has kept me going and alive when contemporaries around me have either retired, or gone prematurely to their eternal rest.

To me the computer is an extension of my personality, a tool I use every day, a research instrument, a competitor in chess or monopoly, a mass communication device, a livelihood. I kick it, bang it, swear at it, abuse it, carry it on aeroplanes, but it has helped (through the good provision of God), to keep my family fed and sheltered, almost all my working life.

This area of my web site relates experiences (much of it pioneering) over many years of computing but I hope that by my doing so the reader obtains an interesting picture of the fascination that the computer has had for me over the years. The computer today dominates our life and the lives of those around us. They were, are, and will continue to be fun.

This area, however, is also a history of a concept, known as GENETIX, which has the possibility of changing the entire computer industry as we know it today. The concept originated at the beginning of the computer era but for many reasons is only now coming to fruition. The concept was given the name GENETIX and 'GENETIX may be the only software needed in this new millennium'.


I acknowledge the patience of my family, and the help of son Paul, who has become a computer expert in his own right. I have also received valuable input from Ken Kupisz, an electrical engineer who has been involved with nuclear power design and safety. Kevin Hayes, a civil engineer with United Utilities PLC, in the UK, has done considerable proof reading of the sections and provided excellent feedback.